About Mt. Zion Apostolic Church

The Mt. Zion Apostolic Church, located in Illinois’ capital city of Springfield, is a small congregation and we realize that every church is not for everyone. So if the mega-church is your cup of tea this is not it.
Mt. Zion is dedicated and committed to the apostolic principles of sanctification and holiness. We are ‘apostolic’ in doctrine and Pentecostal by experience. Our worship is vibrant and engaged in an effort to glorify God through Jesus Christ.
We are intentional in our quest to fulfill the ‘missionary mandate’ of winning souls to God through our local outreach programs and providing material support to those who spread the message of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the whole world.
The missionary mandate, otherwise referred to theologically as the ‘Great Commission’ is fulfilled in the life of an individual through the ‘new birth’ experience of repentance, water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit of God with the evidence of speaking with tongues.
Mt. Zion is a welcoming congregation that will love you to life, and we invite you to visit with us at any of our services or programs described throughout this website.


Our Mission Statement

The Mt. Zion Apostolic Church is called to raise the standard of God’s Kingdom over the city of Springfield, our nation, and the world.

The standard of his kingdom is to declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ and love all men regardless of any difference. Our church is open to all without exception.

We are commissioned to take a bold stand for ‘apostolic’ faith and practice and to be a prophetic voice crying in the wilderness of an anti-God generation.


Our Core Values

Mt. Zion strives for a five-star quality ministry based on our five core values:

  • Radical Hospitality
  • Passionate Worship
  • Intentional Faith Development
  • Risk-Taking Mission Service
  • Extravagant Generosity